Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Captive Set Free

A Captive Set Free

Securely bound in shackles and chains,
too blind to see beyond the pain,
on sinking sand I chose to stand,
in a prison constructed by my own two hands.

Seeking deliverance through worldly means,
trusting in self-made hopes and dreams,
I lived each day in my comfort zone,
determined to make it on my own.

For way too long I resided there,
with the stench of defeat permeating the air,
feeling only hopeless and beyond repair,
tossed about on a sea of depression and despair.

I often prayed for God to intervene,
and lift me out of that dark ravine,
but I wanted a quick fix, an easy release,
hoping for comfort, longing for peace.

Desperately wanting to be set free,
yet choosing not to surrender or bend my knee,
I continued to dwell in that darkened place,
A land filled with sorrow, pain, and disgrace.

Then one day I could stand the pain no more,
and humbly I fell on my knees to the floor,
I cried out to God, acknowledged my struggles within,
confessed all the turmoil, heartbreak, and sin.

Then He heard my cry, he released the chains!
A captive set free, I praise His name!
Now, He's my hope and my joy, He's my song in the night!
He's my reason for rising at dawn's first light!

Now a bride filled with longing, my eyes fixed above,
I wait for my bridegroom, my only true love.

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