Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Really Matters?

 As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. (Psalm 42:1 NLT)

It's been a difficult couple of months health wise and emotionally for me, as this marks the fourth year since my husband left. Scripture and time with God have been a tremendous comfort for me, but I still find myself growing discouraged at times when I wake up with one more health issue to deal with. Thankfully, God continues to draw me near to Him through the trials of life.

Living in the mountain is a delicious blessing. I was sitting peacefully in my home office writing this afternoon, when I glanced out my window and saw a doe munching on grass and raspberries. After a heat wave last week, we were treated to cooler temperatures today and abundant sunshine. It's the type of day I normally would spend outside by the pond or walking in the mountain. However, I'm nursing a sprained back and spent the day indoors with heating pads and extra pillows for comfort. I was feeling rather dismayed at being stuck indoors on such a beautiful day. Yet, I was still able to enjoy nature while sitting comfortably in my chair. Thank you, God!

How easy it is to grumble about something so trivial as a sprained back. Though painful, it could be much worse. Recently, several young people died suddenly in our local community. Many of them were healthy with no idea their time here on earth was so short. It made me think about what really matters. Regardless of what life hands us, our time on this earth will eventually end. It doesn't matter if we are young, old, or in between. 

Our world today is busy, fast paced, and filled with the distractions of technology. How quickly we lose site of what is important. When our time here on earth is snuffed out, our relationship with God is the only thing that really makes a difference. Where we spend eternity depends on whether or not we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Nothing else matters at the moment of death. 

Yet, how often we rush about, stressed out, complaining about minor annoyances, striving to get ahead, worrying about tomorrow, feeling distraught over one more disappointment that's been dropped in our lap, acting as if this old sin-filled world is all we have. 

How different our life can be when we long for what really matters--a right relationship with God. My husband deserted me and it's been very hard. But, if I had not gone through this, would I have known what it means to cling to God in the midst of loneliness and heartache?  Would I have such a close relationship with God if things had gone smoothly in my life? Health issues wear me down, but it's been through these times of pain and suffering where I've learned to rely on God's strength, not my own.

If my life ended today, what would matter? Not the fact that I have health problems or that my husband left me for another woman.

In the midst of your busy day, I pray you also will take a few moments and reflect on what really matters. Are you longing for God? Are you seeking a relationship with Him? Nothing is more important.

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