Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creative Homemaking

I have a bad case of “fall fever.” Summer is slowly fading, and I’m seeing subtle hints of autumn as the appearance of yellowing leaves peek out from among the green treetops. The woods are perfumed in their musky-sweet fall scent, awaiting their transformation into a beautiful masterpiece as the mountains come alive in splashes of golden yellow, pumpkin orange, and crimson red.

The first hints of fall and chilly mornings make me think about vegetable soup and beef stew simmering on the stove to warm the house on chilly days that are not quite cold enough yet to fire up the old wood stove. I can almost smell spicy pumpkin pie and nut-laced pumpkin bread as it cools on the kitchen counter. Apple pies, crisps, and dumplings all make their appearance in my kitchen in the fall. Gingerbread, warm from the oven, topped with dollops of whipped cream is another fall favorite at our house.

I’ve always loved fall, and it seems to bring out my domestic side more than other seasons. I especially enjoy autumn decorating. The house always looks brighter with the addition of plump pumpkins, colorful leaves, and the loudly dressed scarecrow dolls I made one fall, many seasons ago, while babies and toddlers were tucked in bed for their afternoon naps.The changing of seasons gives homemakers a chance to express their creativity. Like artists, we can use color and design to create lovely and cozy homes for our loved ones and visitors to enjoy. Whether we are single or married women, we can make our home a place where others feel welcome; a place that can be a haven of peace and rest for those wearied by the demands of the outside world.

Having a loving and inviting home does not require money or expensive decor. Simple things like colorful fall leaves in a basket for a table centerpiece, a neat and tidy room, a lit candle, a cup of tea and encouraging conversation, or a simple home cooked meal can make a home loving and inviting.

When family and guests enter our doorway, what do they see? Is our home inviting? Is Christ reflected in our home? Is it a haven of rest or a chaotic mess?

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