Friday, January 30, 2015


The hardest season can sometimes be the most poignantly beautiful-if you simply take the time to look. 

There's something magical about walking in freshly-fallen snow. I ventured out this morning to drink in the quiet beauty of a mountain winter. I was not disappointed. The only tracks in the snow were mine and the tiny tracks of birds and other mountain creatures. My cares slipped away as the snow crunched beneath my feet. 

Walking through the woods is something I will never take for granted after spending last winter in a wheelchair due to an accident. I often complain about the winter months and long for spring days and warm temperatures, but winter truly does have a beauty of its own. It's all in how I choose to perceive it. 

If I focus only on the cold winds and barren trees, I will miss the beauty of falling snow and the sun sparkling over the frozen landscape. I will miss the abundance of colorful birds at my feeders. I will miss the joy of sitting by the fireplace sipping a mug of hot chocolate while listening to the wind howling outside. I will miss the smell of homemade soup simmering on the stove and fresh-baked bread in the oven to ease the winter chill.

The same is true in my personal life. The last five years have been a long "winter" season of being abandoned by my husband, health problems, an accident, losing my job, financial hardships, and heartache within my family. 

If I choose to see only the bad, I will miss the beauty of the last five years. During this "winter" season, I was blessed with the birth of a new granddaughter and another new grandson who is expected to arrive in May. I was lovingly cared for by my family and friends who were always there for me. I have a new job working at home as a writer, which I love. I've seen God supply my needs in miraculous ways when things appeared hopeless, and I've learned more about trusting God than at any other time in my life. 

There truly is beauty in every season. We just need to look for it.

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