Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Website

I've been blogging over at my main website for a few weeks now. This site will remain here, and I may update it on occasion, but my main focus will be on the other site. I hope you will join me at:
I do want to thank those who have emailed me and encouraged me to keep writing here. I truly appreciate your kind words. However, having my own site and domain name is important as I continue to expand my writing career. The writing and blogging world is always changing. The fact that many people read blogs on mobile devices makes it necessary to keep things simple and without a lot of distractions. Unlike this site, my new site is clean and simple with less distractions.
One thing won't change though. My purpose for blogging will still be to glorify God and encourage others, especially women, on the journey of life.
I hope to see you at my new site. Blessings to each of you for sharing my writing journey.

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