Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aubundant Blessings

You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly. Psalm 65: 9

A soft rain was falling this morning as I headed off on my morning walk; the cool mist feeling rather invigorating as it brushed my face, restoring freshness to my mind after a restless nights sleep. A gentle breeze was swaying throughout the trees causing a shower of leaves to fall over me in a kaleidoscope of colors, reminding me once again of the blessing and wonder of God’s creation. The fall foliage is at its peak now, and the mountains are overflowing with abundant beauty.

I never tire of the woods. Being surrounded by nature brings peace and relaxation while at the same time bringing excitement and adventure, and a walk through the woods always seems to be a good prescription for whatever ails me. Cares seem to drift away in tune with the snapping, cracking, and crunching of twigs and leaves under my feet. The sweet, musky scent of the woods relieves anxiety as I inhale deeply savoring nature’s perfume. Depression is lifted as I wander through the woods, because it’s impossible to be surrounded by God’s beautiful creation and not fill overwhelmed by a sense of thankfulness and gratefulness for all that He has given me.

Just as God enriches the woods with abundance and beauty, He also enriches us abundantly with His love and grace. Often we neglect to look to Him to meet our needs and instead turn to other people or other things that only leave us feeling empty. God is truly all we need. His provision is far more abundant, far above and beyond what anyone else or anything else can provide for us. When we seek Him, and allow Him to drench our souls with His amazing love and grace, like the woods in fall, we will come alive with newness of life and experience the abundant blessings that only come from walking with him.

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